New Visual Solution for the Noguchi Museum

by Pratt Institute

This project aims to find opportunities that become unique “Point-of-Entry” and build a new advertising campaign for the Noguchi Museum.

The keywords of Noguchi’s work are subtle and bold; traditional and modern. His sculpture gives me a feeling of warmth. It’s full of humanity. Therefore, I designed posters based on the idea of the close relationship between his sculptures, the environment, and the viewers. This sense of intimacy breaks boundaries of the traditional art-viewing experience - it connects the viewers, in a very private and subtle way, to Noguchi's works.

In the five-folded brochure, I rotated the type clockwise on each page, which creates a reading experience similar to walking around the space.

“murmur” is a collection book designed for the Noguchi Museum. I love how the description was written for each art piece on the website - very different from ordinary artwork descriptions that we used to see, and it’s a beautifully unique experience. It’s like a private diary that Noguchi wrote about his beloved objects.

As a result, I successfully created an engaging and effective visual solution that matches the core of Noguchi’s artwork and the goal of the museum.

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Gold in Promotional Materials 2022, Student

Gold in Typography 2022, Student

Silver in Poster and Brochure Design 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Mengyao Zhang

University or Design School

Pratt Institute