Deity Garments

by China University of Technology. (TAIWAN)

The embroidery patterns and needlework of Taiwan’s deity garments are one of the most unique parts of Taiwan's traditional craftsmanship and culture, and are a signature of Taiwan's temple culture, with a wealth of substance and artistry, as well as educational significance and cultural symbolism. However, with the impact of modern civilization, the craft of embroidery in Taiwan had been overlooked by the general public over time, and fewer and fewer people appreciated the value of divine garments, and thus the handicraft is extinct today. This work, based on the design and style of the divine garments and the embroidery technique, produced two illustrated booklets, "The Origin of the Garments" and "Embroidery Secrets," as well as a toolkit and publicity designs, presenting the embroidery technique in an abstract and modern way. To reinterpret the beauty of the traditional art, the booklet "Embroidery Secrets" has been developed into an experiential kit that simulates a master embroidery team, allowing readers to get some hands-on experience with handicrafts, enhancing their interest and understanding of the culture of deity garments, and passing on the traditional craft through education.


Gold in Merchandise Design 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Wang Yu-fang

University or Design School

China University of Technology. (TAIWAN)

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Design Team

Yu-fang Wang, Shao-Chi Lin, Mo-Li Hung, Chia-Ying Lin, Tzu-Yun Lu, Mei-Ai Wu, Chien-Hsun Chen, Chih-Lun Huang