Google Assistant on Android TV

by Google

Google Assistant on Android TV invites users to interact with their television using their voice to facilitate richer, smarter, and more fluid experiences. For example, users can search content on apps like Netflix and play their favorite shows, get the latest scores on a game, turn off the lights in their home, and pretty much ask anything to Google without pressing any buttons. The interface design is tailored to a voice experience and is composed of UI elements directly designed for interactions from a distance without any touchscreen inputs. Although users may still use the remote, it is not required. Unlike traditional mobile experiences, this space posed new challenges when constructing voice navigable interactions. These designs not only relied on familiar UI principles and recognizable Google Assistant features, but pushed televison design parameters to a new level. The result: a balanced amount of TV, assistive, and user experience design choices that when combined created a natural and new way of interacting with a television.


Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Angela Guzman

Design Company


Design Team

Google Assistant — Android TV

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Individual Credits

Angela Guzman, Google
Amy Meng, Google
Rick Jones, Google