by Savannah College of Art and Design

Now is the time to start the conversation of being more intentional with our actions, story and what we collectively leave behind.

We are in a time where the eldest generations that live among us did not grow up with the internet, and those of us who did grow up in the technological age are not yet concerned with mortality. With the development of technology and social media, we tell the story of our lives online, but how long do those stories last? Will future generations be able to hear stories of their heritage? Inactive accounts are often deleted. Accounts belonging to those who've passed don't get memorialised and are lost. These people's stories are left unfinished.

Loom is designed with the intention to give people control over their narrative. It’s a digital heirloom that can be passed down through generations to tell the story of a person’s life and the impact they had on others. As legacies can hold deep value, Loom is respectful of each individual's terms and privacy levels. Loom serves to cultivate a culture of intention and meaning, by preserving valuable memories and creating something that lasts.

Loom provides users relief through peace of mind knowing they have control over their legacy in the planning preneed phase, as well as leaving their legacy on their terms post-mortem. As we build this relationship of inheritance in the digital space, Loom hopes that our human connections grow stronger and fill our digital spaces with longer lasting compassion.


Gold in Digital Ads and Campaigns 2022, Student

Gold in Animation & Illustration for Websites 2022, Student

Gold in Digital Art 2022, Student

Silver in Apps 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Angelia Gan

University or Design School

Savannah College of Art and Design

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Design Team

Sydney Shine, Tori Tryon, Addie Benson, Jeremie Rivera Doi, Angelia Gan