Dán 'n Dog

by Limerick School of Art and Design

This brand identity was undertaken as a personal project in August 2021 between my third and fourth years of study at Limerick School of Art and Design.

Dán 'n Dog (pronounced "Dawn 'n Dog") is a pet friendly café founded as a space to catch up with old friends and even make new ones, for owners and pets alike. 

The name is inspired by an affectionate family nickname for my father Brendán (Dán for short) and our dog, Ted.

To maintain a friendly and informal tone of voice, the 'n was favoured for the logo instead of  a grammatically correct "and" or an ampersand. The copywriting is straightforward yet sympathetic to the more inconvenient aspects of caring for a pet.

While pet owners are the intended target audience, a clean, balanced visual language (i.e untextured vector illustrations, equally analogous and complimentary colours) was chosen to appear just as enticing to those who don't own a pet, creating an enjoyable atmosphere for all who stop by.


Gold in Pets 2022, Student

Gold in Restaurants / Cafe 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Jack McKeon

University or Design School

Limerick School of Art and Design

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