Booté, Botanical Rum Formula

by Miami Ad School Atlanta

Created and designed the branding system for each distinct botanical rum formula flavor. The Booté Brand is a unique crafter of 100% natural botanical flavored rums. With their innovative natural recipes that are packed with "Bootéful flavors", they create distinct flavor profiles within their specially designed range to create the most unique flavored rum formulas. Packaged with sweet punchy fruit notes within each bottle, our quality-driven flavor profiles will envelop your palate to warm your heart and soul upon the first sip. Booté's philosophy focuses on creating experiences and introducing people to new and invigorating rum flavors.

A lot of rum bootle branding in the market has a Caribbean vibe to them. I wanted to change the way rum is presented or perceived and make it look cooler. I was inspired a lot by geometrical shapes and nature’s elements. I wanted to give the bottle a tactile feel which makes an immersive experience for the consumer…The cap of the bottle has a beautiful textual of the smooth slate rock. The inspiration for the flavors has come from chemistry and its chemical equation part. wanted to show this through the botanical formulation by creating a design language for each flavor.


Gold in Alcoholic Beverages - Other 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Annie Bhardwaj

University or Design School

Miami Ad School Atlanta

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