by Shillington College

This self art direction campaign for CeraVe has been developed during my graphic design course at Shillington College.
Majority of people have difficulties to choose the right skin care product because they do not know their ingredients and their benefits. Especially Millennials admitted needing more education on understanding ingredients in the products. So I have decided to create a campaign for CeraVe, a skincare brand of excellent quality that could use its products to become a brand ambassador with the mission of teaching people about all necessary ingredients and actions needed for taking care of “your” skin. From my research I found CeraVe suffers of an old aesthetic, the target is a middle aged woman, customers claims to have difficulty finding out about CeraVe, most of users are looking for an easier way to carry CeraVe with them and packaging reminds them more of a prescription than a cosmetic product. But after an initial trial the consumer is very likely to become a loyal brand user, he/she value the recommendation of dermatologists and really appreciate the National Eczema seal of acceptance that indicates the products are suitable for sensitive skins.  Furthermore most of users use the product for a specific skin condition and end-up using it as a day to day one.
So I though the brand could really benefit from having a fresh campaign and rejuvenation in order to increase awareness, change perception, promoting the existing products in a new light and targeting a complete different audience: Millennials. The concept behind this campaign is all developed around the fact that "The more I know, the better I can take care of my skin". Using the brand and the excellent quality of its products CeraVe explains the important functions of ingredients needed for taking care of your skin generating an...


Gold in Merchandise Design 2022, Student

Silver in Digital Design 2022, Student

Bronze in Branding 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Stefania Forte

University or Design School

Shillington College

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