Hoarding Association

by South Dakota State University

Hoarding Association was founded on the basis of recognition that mental health programs deserve the same illustrious designs and feelings that all engaging websites have.

Our group of three graphic designers took part in research of other hoarding help websites that presented important information, but realized that this information may be looked over or ignored due to the overall block-like and clinical feel that was being presented.

Our website is primarily for location-based resources, and is organized by type of resource. it features virtual anonymous learning classrooms with a comment and reply feature and information organized by type of viewer. Doctor and therapist outreach is also provided.

Our app is a reward-based system that lets the user earn trophies and badges by completing daily tasks. these tasks can be presets, or customized by the individual. there is also a community feature, along with the doctor and therapist outreach.

We took an entirely different approach to design, and didn't want our audience to feel that help had to feel clinical. We chose to stay away from using blue to differentiate from other health-based websites.

We also wanted a one-stop-shop so to speak, providing all resources an individual or family may need to get started on their journey towards recovery.

We chose the patterns to represent an organized array of disarray, to incorporate elements of clutter by projecting organized clutter.


Silver in Digital Design 2022, Student

Silver in Website Design 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kenzie Shubert

University or Design School

South Dakota State University

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Design Team

Jordan Bucholz, Rachel Lambert, Kenzie Shubert


Entrant Companies

South Dakota State University, US


Hoarding Association, US

Individual Credits

Professor: Young Ae Kim
Designer: Jordan Bucholz
Designer: Rachel Lambert