by Savannah College of Art and Design

Food waste is a growing concern in the United States, costing the average American approximately $1,800 every year. This cost is a direct result of poor planning and low confidence in home kitchens. Ripe fights food waste by using AI to help users explore new recipes, plan their meals, and gain confidence in the kitchen. Ripe has five main modules -- dashboard, schedule, pantry, groceries, and cooking -- all available on mobile devices. The cooking module uniquely integrates with Alexa devices, including both sound-only devices like the Echo and visual devices like the Alexa Kitchen, to guide the user in real-time through the cooking experience.
While you learn to cook from Ripe, Ripe also learns from you. Its AI and machine learning algorithm do all of the heavy lifting to find recipes and curate custom shopping lists for you. Ripe uses a detailed onboarding process and constant user interaction and feedback to feed its algorithm, resulting in an ultra-specific and highly customized recipe suggestion algorithm. Ripe captures activities users already do each day -- searching for recipes, saving ideas, planning meals, and shopping for ingredients -- and leverages their data to make the meal planning process easier and to reduce the user’s food waste.
Unlike its competitors in the kitchen automation space, Ripe creates a holistic and accessible experience curated uniquely for inexperienced and beginner-level chefs. There’s no need to invest thousands in “smart” appliances or to pay large fees for meal kits with little flexibility and tons of individual plastic wrapped items. Ripe uses the devices you already have and doesn’t require additional tech skill, installation, or investment. This not only makes it more accessible to the beginner-level chefs that need Ripe most but also reduces cost and e-waste along the way.


Silver in Digital Design 2022, Student

Silver in Interaction Design 2022, Student

Silver in Logos 2022, Student

Silver in Food - Other 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Alicia Silhavy

University or Design School

Savannah College of Art and Design

Design Team

Alicia Silhavy, Kate Lupica, Sarah Kim, Sydney Shine, Hannah Chung

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Individual Credits

Project Lead: Alicia Silhavy
Research Lead: Hannah Chung
Interaction Lead: Kate Lupica