Mimicry - Community puppetry as an interactive installation

by Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

"Mimicry" is a collaborative theatre experience based on body isolation puppetry. With this method the puppet is not separated from the puppeteer, making the two into one. In this case the "puppet" can easily change facial expressions, use mimicry to express feelings as opposed to the traditional puppet.
The installation introduces a motion capture-based, community puppet theatre. Featuring eight separate rooms open for visitors to create their own "face" using only hands. Entering each space allows trying out web camera-based motion capture, which at added points scans the hands of the participant and projects them on the walls using a 3D model as visualization. These rooms are connected through screens providing the platform for collaboration of the puppeteers without physical contact.

The play's narrative follows the aspects of puppet therapy for coming out of isolation. Using the mechanic of the installation to prove that isolation is only temporary.

Virtual puppetry can not only be practised inside the installation but in an online environment too. Using the web page developed for the project you can create a new narrative performed by "virtual actors" animated by friends or you can do a solo show too.

"Mimicry" was created with the help of Ágnes Kiss, a Hungarian puppeteer, puppet therapist and Barna Nemes animation masters student from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest.


Silver in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Petra Zajácz

University or Design School

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

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