Obscure Costume

by National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

With the rise of gender equality awareness, it is becoming more and more common for women to hold important positions in the workplace. With the rise of women's status and power, the most important issue for women is how to master the conflict between social identity and self-emotion. In addition, women's efforts to strike a balance and find self-identity is a new challenge for women in power in the future.

Obscure Costume is an ARG online experience (ARG & Online Exhibition). The game is designed for real-time interaction through social media, using the real world as the game platform, and through social media, the Internet, email, and interactive websites for real-time interaction, allowing a large number of players to participate at the same time. The game design uses the story as a link to guide players into the plot by means of puzzles, and the difficulty level of the puzzles will increase with the development of the plot through the cross-puzzle of multiple platforms. The game introduces an immersive experience of psychological tests, and through the results of the tests, exclusive cards are obtained, and the filters of the exclusive cards are shared and spread on social media, inviting more people to participate in the game and becoming a new immersive exhibition experience.

1.The “Alternate reality game” uses a story as a connection to introduce the results of user research into the design, allowing users to immerse themselves in the atmosphere created by the story and find all possible clues in the screen through textual guidance, and find the correct answer through the piecing together of clues, allowing users to gradually feel the emotional implication of the story in the process of solving the puzzle.

2.The "psychological test interface design" uses an immersive experience mode, leading users to step by...


Gold in Integrated Graphic Design 2022, Student

Gold in Illustration 2022, Student

Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation 2022, Student

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Lead Designer

Huang, Shih-Pei

University or Design School

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

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