Personalizing the Period

by Design Rocket

Cora's safe and organic women's health products provide the best experience for a woman's monthly period. Traditionally, a women's period carries with it a high level of stigma and embarrassment, which does not match today's independent professional woman. When Design Rocket partnered with Cora, we identified the audacious goal to have a completely personalized monthly experience that was trustworthy, seamless and empowering.

We set out to change the mindset of a women's period. Where most competitors position periods as something to cope with, with Cora we embedded visuals and education that allows women celebrate a key part of their lives. Cora's biggest competitive advantage is being 100% transparent with its organic ingredients, so we highlighted the high quality materials that women are bringing into contact with their bodies. We made the Cora subscription set-up an powerful experience as women can now fully identify their needs such as flow, period duration and habits and get a personalized monthly package to fit.

The latest version of Cora online successfully launched in December 2017. In our client’s words “We've received great feedback from advisors and investors regarding the new design and experience. People have pointed out how our website, email, and social designs are now very cohesive, which wasn't always the case before the redesign.” Since launch, there has been over 50% growth in website traffic and 4% increase in time spent.

Not only are we empowering women who sign up for Cora, but also for every box sold, a box is also donated to women around the world who can't afford or do not have access to menstrual supplies. To date, Cora has donated more than 1 Million boxes globally.


Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation 2018

Honorable Mention in Website Design 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Kajal Gala

Design Company

Design Rocket


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Design Team

Kajal Gala - UX Director, Nick Buturishvili - Visual Designer


Entrant Companies

Design Rocket, US


Cora® Organic Tampons, US

Individual Credits

UX Director: Kajal Gala, Design Rocket
Visual Designer: Nick Buturishvili, Design Rocket