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In 2021 Gatorade released its new Gx app and Sweat Patch, the latest in the brand's commitment to innovations that optimize athletic performance, focusing uniquely on the value of hydration and recovery. The app's intelligence engine is powered by personalized health and fitness data and three decades of research from Gatorade Sports Science Institute. The result is user-specific actionable insights and training suggestions for athletes to meet their goals—which are particularly helpful at a time when so many have been forced to train solo.

--Sophisticated data analysis. By analyzing activity in three categories —training load, recovery, and nutrition— it summarizes progress via a “Gx Score.”

--Connected wearable technology. Athletes can create a sweat profile within the app by scanning a Gx Sweat Patch after a workout, allowing the app to provide even more personalized recommendations.

--Seamless integrations. The Gx app seamlessly integrates with fitness tracking apps such as Strava, Garmin, and Apple Health.

The Gx launch comes as Gatorade’s innovation unit is driving the creation of new branded products and services focused not just on selling sports beverages, but also, on helping athletes to better track and enhance their performance, and perfect their skills on the court or field.

“Ultimately our goal is to bring the advanced science and services we provide elite athletes to anyone who’s looking to improve their performance,” said Gatorade executive Brett O’Brien. By democratizing lab-based sweat testing, Gatorade is using data to allow everyday athletes to get one step closer to the pros.


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