Liemès Food District

by Opera Concept & Design

The concept for Liemès Fooddistrict was conceived from a specific vision with guts and love for good quality food.

Limes: The Roman border on which the name Liemès is based. It was a meeting place for different peoples, a lively place where cultures came together and were exchanged. That is exactly what Liemès stands for: a meeting place for different cultures.

Corporate Identity elements: The oblique lines refer to boundaries and to the amount of years and layers that have passed since Roman times
The warm colors of the house style are inspired by the colorful spices from Eastern and Asian cultures.
The logo is contemporary and has nothing to do with the past, but everything to do with a modern hotspot. The powerful black surface looks chic and refers to the high standard and service that Liemès stands for. As a playful 'final touch', one corner has ended with a different color. Liemès is not just a food hall, but a food district with guts!


Bronze in Branding 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Marty Schoutsen

Design Company

Opera Concept & Design

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Ed Bindels (Liemès)

Design Team

Bianca van de Koppel, Stefanie Rösch, Tanja Leeggangers

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