Debt Navigator

by IO Consulting and Technology Services

In 1996 two friends from New Zealand started the first office for New Zealand Home Loans (NZHL; the company) to help their community achieve financial freedom faster. Over the last 25 years, the business grew into a nationwide network, saving their clients billions of dollars.

We were approached to help NZHL on its transformation journey. NZHL suggested that their user experience was outdated; they were operating on legacy platforms and missing opportunities in streamlining processes and automation. While most of the work was focused on collecting data and simplifying operations in the background, we started utilizing data in the client-facing side of the business.

The Client Portal (aka 'Debt Navigator') features historical balances data, visualizing loan structure to allow users to quickly see how they perform and get valuable insights from their daily habits. Based on user research, we've implemented daily transactions capability using OpenBanking APIs from New Zealand banks. With this data, advisors could create tailored advice for each family, with the possibility of automation in the future.

The visual aesthetic of the web app maintains a clean and streamlined appearance while allowing for opportunities to add personality through the use of the client's house image or location. UI elements formed the company's design systems, unifying the customer user experience across all the apps and channels.

The new Client Portal is currently being built to release in 2022.


Gold in Digital Tools and Utilities 2022

Gold in Interactive Design 2022

Bronze in UX, Interface & Navigation 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Stas Savenkov

Design Company

IO Consulting and Technology Services

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Design Team

Nik ILyushkin - Product Management and UX; Kristina ILyushkina - UI Designer


Individual Credits

Solution Architect: Mao Cai
Client Side Commercial Manager: Chris Wong