Kew Coffee Chemist Rebrand

by Tiny Hunter

After going through a change of name, Kew Coffee Chemist were looking for a strong rebrand for launch within their own stores, as well as online. Kew Coffee Chemist has a scientific approach – from how they roast coffee beans, to how they create flavour combinations and how they brew coffee. They were looking for the right brand to launch to the China market and encourage coffee as part of the everyday ritual.

With a new name speaking to the way this coffee business operates, we created a modern identity to bring it to life. Reinforcing Kew Coffee Chemist’s systematic and mathematical approach to roasting coffee and creating flavour profiles. The brandmark consists of two overlapping shapes, one representing the coffee cup and the other representing a testing dish. This device becomes a strong graphic element on the packaging, communicating the different combinations that go into creating great coffee. Photography used shows different stages of the coffee making process, both educating and creating transparency to their product.


Silver in Beverages - Coffee 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Ara Isidro

Design Company

Tiny Hunter

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Kew Coffee Chemist

Design Team

Ara Isidro


Entrant Companies

Tiny Hunter, AU


Kew Coffee Chemist, CN

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Kew Coffee Chemist Rebrand: Ara Isidro