Creating a breakthrough brand for a beloved Australian coffee company

by Lippincott

Gumption Coffee was founded by an award-winning team of female entrepreneurs with a bold vision: help customers take on the world, one coffee cup at a time.

With Australian roots and a cult-like following, Gumption’s founders Hazel de los Reyes and Clare Lim had eyes on expansion in the U.S. After opening a roastery in Industry City, Brooklyn, the next step was a flagship location in Manhattan. But first, they needed a brand and retail experience that would bring Gumption to life for a new audience. We partnered with the founders to evolve their beloved brand and brew a wholly unique customer experience that would set Gumption apart in a saturated coffee landscape.
In doing so, we created a new brand platform, visual identity, digital channel strategy, and retail experience.

For Gumption Coffee to be successful, we needed to capture the true essence of Clare and Hazel, and the ethos that they have cultivated: Gumption is more than just a word. From Hazel’s humble origins of brewing coffee from a rewired popcorn machine to eventually being named Australian Barista Champion and Australian Cupping Champion, Gumption is a story of ingenuity, tenacity, and boldness.

We began crafting the brand’s strategy through this ethos, positioning Gumption Coffee as the secret weapon for the spirited, amplifying and unleashing that little voice already inside all of us to take on the world. We then balanced that spirit with expertise, emphasizing Gumption’s ability to deliver specialty coffee with speed.
The new visual toolkit is designed to be eye-catching and inclusive, a fresh departure from the minimal aesthetic that’s now commonplace. The brand voice, inspired by the brand purpose, is energetic, edgy, and clever and infuses these own-able characteristics across the spectrum of both in- and out-of-store communications. Think signage, comic walls, packaging, and more that...


Gold in Branding 2022

Silver in Packaging Design 2022

Silver in Beverages - Coffee 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Bethany Lesko, Partner, Design

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Gumption Coffee

Design Team

Rui Maekawa, Senior Design Director, Lizzie Harris, Partner, Brand Voice, Christal Sih, Design Director and Wesley Tibbs, Brand Voice Associate

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Lippincott, US


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Individual Credits

Partner, Design: Bethany Lesko
Senior Design Director: Rui Maekawa
Partner, Brand Voice: Lizzie Harris