Lotte Department Store Brand Consulting

by the bread and butter brand consulting LLC

the bread and butter planned and designed the Lotte Department Store- Dongtan branch to be beyond just a simple shopping space to an ’A Space of Curated Stories’ with extraordinary experiences and special enjoyment by combining brand core values, central idea, and the USPs. As a base of such branding, the brand communication message was created to be ‘Discover New Inspiration’ to signify how the Lotte Department Store Dongtan’s culture complex, curated MD, space planning inspired by an art gallery, and the terrace will continuously inspire and provide the opportunity for stylish lifestyle and new experience for consumers. the bread and butter also developed floor names to encapsulate the unique identity and offering of each floor.

​​​​​​​The key visual that embodies the unique concept of Lotte Department Store Dongtan to be a place that guides consumers to ‘Discover New Inspiration’ was created to be a modern, sensible textured blue background. And the special lifestyle, Lotte's unique curation, and special shopper's journey were symbolized as neon pink gradation. The color is also drawn in a horizontal line in order to signify the steps of precious journeys of each customer and visitor of the Lotte Department Store Dongtan. The overall look and feel of the visual system is not your traditional and constricted image but a flexible and sensible image where it can effectively communicate the fact that Lotte Department Store Dongtan is a place full of new inspiration and discovery. The visual system was implemented in the floor guide, food guide, art guide, official website supergraphic, and more to create a consistent and unified look and feel.

Another special aspect of Lotte Department Store Dongtan compared to other malls is that it produced its very own magazine. the bread and butter directed the production of the magazine by writing the editorials,...


Silver in Retailer 2022

Bronze in Integrated Graphic Design 2022

Honorable Mention in Poster and Brochure Design 2022

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the bread and butter

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the bread and butter brand consulting LLC

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Lotte Department Store

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Individual Credits

Brand Strategist: Sooyoung Cho
Brand Designer: Seokyoung Kim
Copywriter: Yejin Jenny Yun