Aurobay brand identity

by Ojity

The Aurobay brand was born to power the sustainable mobility of the future. An innovative technological front-runner created by it's owners Volvo and Geely and a startup with global presence and a 100 year heritage.

Aurobay is all about energy. The energy it takes to keep the world in motion. To transform an industry. To meet the demands for mobility today, tomorrow and in the future.

The ever changing energy is also the red thread in the design of the Aurobay brand. Paired with a modular card based design system and a typography borrowed from pioneer in electronic music, Robert Moog.


Gold in Automotive 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Ojity design team

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Design Team

Viktor Ehrenberg, Creative Director Gudbjörn Valgeirsson, Design Director Kristian Hallberg, Design Director Sofia Alfredsson, Designer Robert ...

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Entrant Companies

Ojity, SE


Aurobay, SE

Individual Credits

Creative Director: Viktor Ehrenberg
Design Director: Gudbjörn Valgeirsson
Design Director: Kristian Hallberg