Cornwall Place Board

by Multivitamin Group

Cornwall Place Board is the new go-to website for all things Cornwall. CPB needed a hub to present the wealth of information in Cornwall from opportunities to exciting new discoveries. It aims to raise awareness of Cornwall as a creative landscape with a rich history and Cornish culture. The website is primarily an aggregated feed of news and articles covering all aspects of living, working and travelling in Cornwall. The site was designed with an “experience” section within the accordion that introduces visitors to Cornwall through an interactive scroll jacked feed of content and imagery. The interactive experience immerses visitors into the beautiful landscape, rich history and culturally diverse wealth of Cornwall. The striking imagery used grabs users attention and encourages them to continue the scroll experience to discover more. Continuing the scroll through the journey, into Cornwall users are educated on the cultural and business sectors of Cornwall with a positive sense of potential flowing through each page.

The categories covered on the site include business, community, culture & creativity, education, environment, food & drink and tourism. With each category hosting exclusive articles and tips on each subject. The site is also designed to encourage users to submit article content, and for businesses or individuals to become ambassadors for Cornwall.

We wanted Cornwall Place Board to be the one-stop-shop for all things cultural in Cornwall. Using striking visuals and easily accessible information the website has a plethora of knowledge discoverable in fun and interactive methods.


Bronze in Website Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Sam Thomas

Design Company

Multivitamin Group


Cornwall Place Board

Design Team

Sam Thomas, Dan Mitchell