by Multivitamin Group

Twisted is a brand that clearly wants to bring fun and people into the kitchen. It is a light-hearted, easy-going and engaging brand with a simple goal of making food fun. The motto places heavy emphasis on making ‘unserious food, seriously good’. To embody this essential and inclusive brand characteristic in the product, every decision came down to the three design principles of experimentation, surprise and discovery.

Just like the exciting recipes and foodie ideas Twisted provide, their website needed to equally delight and engage visitors to consume both the content and the delicious recipes. We translated this across the digital experience with big expressive colours and layouts, sudden changes in pace and unexpected interactions across the website. We kept in mind individuals may visit the Twisted site throughout the day for meal ideas, whether that’s lunch, dinner to those snacks in-between. To ensure their website remained relevant and immersive, the hero scene changes between day and night depending on the time visitors arrive.

As content makers, Twisted are producing great photos and videos of their dishes and recipes. These images change constantly as the brand reacts to the latest food trends or seasonal favourites. That is why we commissioned illustrator Alexandra Ramirez to create a set of expressive and energetic scenes which would become familiar visual anchors in the brand experience. The wealth of content is easily accessible across the website with users being able to find their favourite and saved recipes whilst browsing through any new seasonal and trending ideas too.


Gold in Website Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Robert Lloyd

Design Company

Multivitamin Group



Design Team

Robert Lloyd, Alexandra Ramirez