Re-brand, Website and Support Materials

by Refine Digital Media

Who they are:
Bookkeeping, Business Consulting and Taxes
Established in 2010, they have since Have evolved to support over 200 businesses over 150 personal tax clients

Expanding into multiple locations
Serving Business Owners, Office Administrators, Corporate
Accountants, Lawyers and Personal Tax Clients

What they needed:
A re-brand that ensured they remain recognizable
Visually Represent their Growth
Develop a Strategic Vision for Future Evolution
Support project with marketing materials
and website updates + maintenance

• Maintain Professionalism
• Aligned with the growth plan
• Maintain Name as focal point
• Well Defined Shape
• Strong Presence
• Horizontal and Vertical Variations

Develop a strategy and strong brand identity for additional materials, rollout, and growth.

Plan for:
• Primary Logo
• Secondary horizontal logo
• Social Media Identity
• Business applications, letterhead, business cards
• Digital marketing/advertising
• Traditional print materials

• Primary and Secondary Representation
• With and without industry identifier
• Social and Web Identities
• Simple and Sophisticated

Visual Brand Representation:
• Promise of Partnership
• Dedicated Professional Support
• Dynamic Business Solutions
• Honouring Foundation and Promoting Growth

Increased Leads
New clients in additional locations
Brand recognition in community memberships
Both organic and paid marketing has received increased attention, new clients and an acquired client list from a closing business.


Honorable Mention in Branding 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Krista Pellow

Design Company

Refine Digital Media

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Synergy Tax & Business Solutions

Design Team

Krista Pellow Habiba Elgendy Fidaa Suleiman Megan Nguyen Sofia Beraldo