Care with Dignity / Khud Se Pooche

by Purpose

‘Khud Se Pooche’, or Care with Dignity, is a campaign in India to have women introspect and self-explore the meaning of dignified healthcare through this self-reflective journey, as well as an ask to encourage what they need, engage with other women and build a collective voice of defining dignity in healthcare. Indignity in healthcare wasn’t perceived as a problem by women & those experiencing it, because of really low expectations/ taboo/ shame. Experience of indignity relates to disrespect, humiliation, discomfort, helplessness, physical and emotional abuse, and dissolution of self worth.

The campaign launched a symbol- the Khud Se Pooche pin- to represent care with dignity for all women. The symbol was co-created by the Women of Bihar and the artist Princess Pea, after collaborating with 500+ women and 15+ partners who shared their experiences with healthcare and personal definitions of “care with dignity.” This collaboration highlighted a shared understanding that dignified healthcare means creating safe spaces for women to voice their health concerns and receive treatment.

The campaign has had 17.5 M Digital Impressions & Radio Reach; over 36% Digital Engagement Rate; 1.6M+ Total video plays of campaign content & amplification of voices; Reached 600K Followers of those content creators/ influencers who endorsed the symbol (on Instagram) + content amplified through partners; 73K + Supported the Symbol; 15,000+ Ambassadors signed up; 150+ Pieces of Quality Coverage across Print, Digital and Broadcast Media.


Gold in Mix Media/Moving Image for Social Change 2022

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