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More than 80% of Brazilians depend on SUS, making the government-run public health care system the largest in the world. Funding is allocated on a municipal level, meaning individual cities are responsible for tracking health-related services and goal-based achievement in order to calculate equitable distribution. This can be a challenge in regions with insufficient technological resources.

As part of Work & Co’s first pro-bono project in Brazil, we partnered with Impulso, a non-profit organization, to design and launch a new virtual assistant to guide municipalities through the process. The product, called Previne, was created to ease the process of cities collecting and visualizing this crucial data and analytics. Previne also provides recommendations for city managers to prioritize activities and services that have the greatest possible impact on the public and ensure funding goals are met. Impulso Previne is available for free.

--Data collection and analysis: Previne simplifies the process of turning data into knowledge, maintaining a central data repository with easy-to-understand context and recommendations.
--Supreme scalability: All UI and data-visualization designs are guided by the ability to easily iterate, adapt, and maintain.

As an organization, Impulso’s efforts have improved the lives of 34 million people.


Gold in Digital Tools and Utilities 2022

Gold in Digital Design for Social Change 2022

Silver in Websites Design for Social Change 2022

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