New Writing South

by Adventure Stories

New Writing South are one of seven regional writing-development agencies within the UK, tasked with supporting writers of all levels from their base in Brighton.

A centre of excellence for nurturing writing talent, N.W.S support a range of initiatives, programmes and events, all with the aim of building a broad and supportive community of writers in the South of England.

N.W.S proudly and pro-actively support writers from
minority backgrounds and diverse communities though events such as ‘The Coast is Queer’,
The ‘Queer Brighton Anthology’ and ‘Covert’ magazine.

Adventure Stories’ new brand design for the organisation launched in January 2022. Celebrating the diverse talent whom N.W.S mentor and promote, the bold typographic brand-mark is underlined by three highlighter stripes, each a distinctive colour.

The identity activates across key copy and leading imagery using the highlighter stripes to bring emphasis and distinction to N.W.S collateral.

Notable pieces includes a series of N.W.S quotation bookmarks, celebrating writers and poets from across the South of England.


Gold in NGO & Non-Profit 2022

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Edward Clark

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Adventure Stories

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New Writing South

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New Writing South, GB

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