Entering Uncharted Territory

by Briteweb

Unreasonable Institute came to us for a new name, brand identity and website. It wasn’t that their name and brand identity weren’t working (they were) or that they didn’t like them (they did). But for Unreasonable Institute, it was time to let go of what they’d been in order to become what they will be.

From the get-go, our brand strategists wanted to create space for the Unreasonable Institute team to articulate and address the fear and anxiety they felt coming into the rebrand process. At our kick-off session, we included a ‘Pre-Mortem’ activity that allowed members of the team to identify potential risks, weaknesses and reasons that the project could hypothetically fail – all of which our project team were then sensitive to throughout the process. Above all, the team articulated fears that they would end up with a name that they and their community didn’t love as much as their existing name, that they would become a ‘blah’ organization, that they would lose their spark.

To ensure that we captured that spark, we needed to come up with a name and create a visual identity that they loved and felt connected to. To begin this process, we spent two full days embedded with the organization’s head-office team. The takeaways from that workshop allowed us to create a positioning statement that captures what differentiates Unreasonable Institute in the impact accelerator space, and helped us develop a brand personality that encapsulates ‘who’ the organization is and guides how it communicates.

Once signed off, Unreasonable Institute’s brand personality became a major driver in our naming process. Three naming strategists generated an extra-long list of more than 1,000 possibilities based around the themes that came up during the workshop. That list was whittled down to the strongest contenders and presented to the...


Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation 2018

Silver in Interaction Design 2018

Silver in Logos 2018

Silver in Branding 2018

Created by:

Design Director

David Arias

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Uncharted Institute

Design Team

David Arias, Tim Kraumanis, Samantha Langdorf, and Pete Laird