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Schumacher Solutions, an event and visual merchandising agency turned to Persuaid to increase it’s brand awareness and refresh it’s visual appearance. Based on our final positioning of the brand we developed the brand story ‘positive vibes stay longest’, meaning having a good event, a good chat in a brand space or a nice shopping experience is the most rewarding to remember. Therefore we went back to the process of psychological perception. Divided in four steps a stimulus has to pass four stages to be momorized as a recognized positive experience.

As starting point for the visual language we conceptually derived a stylized ‘S’ to emphasize both, a visual clue to the underlaying concept as well as a short memorizable form for the company name. Based on the brand positioning we combined a modern clear typeface with a modular lively graphic language that can act as an abstract pattern as well as an illustrativ iconic language adding a touch of positive vibes. Besides the core branding deliverables like hallmark, typeface, imagery and color scheme we additionally developed branding materials like stationary and presentation templates, as well as a responsive web design, advertising and employee branding applications.


Gold in Branding 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Tobias Wibbeke

Design Company



Schumacher Solutions GmbH

Design Team

Tina Marusic

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