by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

We were approached by Housemarque to support their small UI/UX team on their upcoming title “Returnal”.
We assisted early on in collaboration with the brand team to create a strong unified aesthetic for both in-game design and
marketing. We then continued that support for the following 2 years with early concepts, art direction, motion prototyping, icon
design, art working and finally implementation into the game engine.
In our opinion a games User Interface should be easy to use and understand. It should however also fit within the narrative and
emphasise the mood and tone of the game.
Returnal is a horror based sci-fi shooter, where the main protagonist Selene is stranded on a mysterious planet, waking up again and
again after dying. It was our aim that the player also feels that vulnerability and sense of mystery.
I would highly recommend playing the game, but if this is not possible the online video posted below shows some of the UI/UX in action.


Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation for Games 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Ian Plater

Design Company

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

Project Website

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Design Team

Creative Arts UI/UX Ian Plater - Manager, UI/UX Tim Nguyen - Senior UI /UX Designer Max Ashton - Senior Visual Programmer Antony Valenti - Lead...


Entrant Companies

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe , GB
Housemarque, FI

Individual Credits

UI Designer: Nick Plummer
UI Designer: Khairul (Keko) Ahmed
Motion Designer: Dan Fitzgerald