Taoyuan Wonderland Album Cover

by Ti-Ming Chu Workshop

Taoyuan Wonderland – A New Look into Tradition

Using 《The Peach Blossom Spring》, a fable written by Tao Yuanming, as the inspiration, the focal visual imagery of the album is the "secret realm". Just like the protagonist in The Peach Blossom Spring, we are led upstream taking us into the grotto and through the light into utopia.

Taoyuan Chinese Orchestra (TYCO) devotes to recruiting talent and commissioning composers to create music for building up a new path for Chinese music. TYCO commissions emerging Taiwanese composers, Zen Ryan, Hsu Wei-Ting, and Zheng Yi- Xuan, as well as renowned composers, He Li-Ren and Wang Chen-Wei, to create songs for the album Taoyuan Wonderland. In the album, there are several pieces of music that define the humanistic and local spirit of Taoyuan, including 《Serving Wine》, 《The Capriccio of Taoyuan》, 《Taoyuan Takes Off》, erhu concerto《Sparkling Night》(a concerto for two erhus), erhu concerto《Hakka Strings》, and Diyin-Sheng concerto《Taoyuan Wonderland》. Demonstrating the musicians’ technique, these songs create a reassuring yet elusive tone, and unleash the potential of music played using traditional techniques. In these pieces of music, the songwriters are exploring the glamour and glory of Taoyuan.

TYCO invites well-known conductor Qu Chun-Quan to lead the orchestra in this album. Qu guides TYCO’s musicians to play and deliver the magnificence and glamour of Taoyuan through a rich interpretation of the image of the city the composers pictured in their minds. Just like nourishing soil cultivating new life, the album is a magnificent wonderland that showcases the glamour of Taoyuan for its audiences.


Gold in Packaging Design for Social Change 2022

Silver in Packaging Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Ti-Ming Chu

Design Company

Ti-Ming Chu Workshop

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Department of Culture Affairs, Taoyuan


Individual Credits

Photography: WU2 Creative
Print: Ice Print
Hand model: Shi-Han Wu