UMA - Every pregnant woman's friend

by IBM

To begin addressing the (still) prevalent social issue of high maternal deaths in rural India, UMA is a pregnancy service that seeks to reduce preventable complications through accessible information and behavioral change. The service operates through organic touch-points that are contextualised and pertinent to different levels of stakeholders, thereby prompting into action the entire ecosystem of care around the pregnant person.
We navigate through restrictive culture and poor infrastructure to ease pregnancy journeys with a design solution that informs, involves, and empowers users.


Honorable Mention in Interaction Design for Social Change 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Ekta Jafri

Design Company


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Design Team

Research, UX & Testing - Aaina Amin, Ekta Jafri, Ishani Sathe, Nisha Rangdal, Poorvi Mathur, Priyanka Pillai Motion Graphics - Neha N, Saiyam Marw...

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Individual Credits

Doctor: Dr. Sumedha Sircar
Santosh Kale
Annu Verma