Goalsr - Rebranding

by Goalsr Inc.

We're pleased to reveal our new brand identity. The updates depict our company's growth since its inception. Our essential principles have not changed, despite the fact that this is a tremendous change. Over the last eight years, our professional profile has expanded and evolved, and it is now time for a change. Our logo has been overhauled to mirror who we are now and to encapsulate our exciting future.
The new identity had to meet all the existing expectations of what our previous mark represents while also propelling the company ahead. One of the main goals was to keep the classic and identifiable logo. Change, growth, and a brighter future are all represented by the redesigned Goalsr logo. The Iconic ‘G' as the initials brandmark employs a basic and beautiful look that will be instantly recognizable and will remain bold for a long time. The 'G' is based on an archer aiming his bow at his target, synonymous to what Goalsr stands for, aiming at Customer Satisfaction and fulfilment of their technological needs. We maintain the word Goalsr intact in bright and bold characters to make it identifiable at any moment. The use of vibrant colors such as blue, yellow, and orange emphasizes our boldness and serves as a strong reflection of both our unique vision for the firm and our vibrant and energizing team.


Silver in Logos 2022

Bronze in Branding 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Murugesh Ramalingam

Design Company

Goalsr Inc.


Individual Credits

President & CEO: Vidyadhar Handragal
Managing Director: Prashant Hatti
Creative Director: Murugesh Ramalingam