Evolta Go

by Creativeans

Rebranding EV Charging Experiences
Evolta Go is a Singapore-based Electric Vehicle (EV) charging unit operator that recharges every voyage. As a dependable partner to all the brand’s stakeholders from businesses to users, Evolta Go provides reliable services that ensure their peace of mind. Driven by a customer-centric approach, Evolta Go spearheads a whole new easy and hassle-free EV charging experience.

This rebranding brings focus to Evolta Go as an experiential brand, going beyond its functional attributes to deliver a more holistic brand experience. By emphasising the experiential attributes of Evolta Go’s integrated EV charging experience, this creates more memorable interactions with customers and positions the brand more prominently in the minds of stakeholders. In turn this helps the brand to achieve greater top-of-mind awareness as well as brand loyalty.

Drawing inspiration from how the heart keeps a body moving, this graphic system presents Evolta Go as the energy that powers EVs on journeys as well as the foundation that provides crucial infrastructure and products to empower e-mobility throughout the country - in turn propelling society towards a greener future.

Expressive, engaging, and flexible, the pulsating visuals also can be interpreted as indicating direction and creating a ripple effect, representing how Evolta Go is transforming the EV industry and inspiring change. Unique to the EV charging industry, the graphic system pairs with a vibrant indigo, infusing the brand with a lot of energy and life; conveying wisdom, power, and ambition, as Evolta Go charges towards the forefront of the EV charging industry.

Overall, this identity effectively sets the brand apart from its competitors and creates an optimistic and assertive look and feel throughout. With Evolta Go, recharge, enjoy, and experience more.


Silver in Technology 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kimming Yap (Lead Consultant)

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Evolta Go

Design Team

Chun Yan Ng, Audrey Heng, Celine Tuazon