Zepp: Defining a global, premium health management brand​ ​

by Lippincott

Zepp is a pioneer in motion hardware design. While it had historically specialized in smart devices that track athletic performance, it had a bold vision for the future: transition from being a niche sports performance brand to a leader in premium health management, with a new ecosystem of smart devices and apps in the works.​

With the competitive field saturated with long-established tech titans, company leadership recognized that it would need a bold brand identity to truly break through and accelerate its market penetration. We partnered with Zepp to build an emotionally resonant brand with a bold logo, visual identity, brand guidelines, brand messaging, and a tagline.​

Our research found that for Zepp’s target customer, the definition of healthcare had shifted from being primarily focused on physical activity to one that puts equal emphasis on mental and emotional health. This insight made clear that people wanted to be more in control of their well-being and to better understand what their bodies and minds needed in order to thrive.​

We framed simple brand commitments that spoke to core customer needs: putting them in control of their health with advanced AI capabilities, making it easy to become healthier, and giving them the full picture of wellness. These commitments are reflected most prominently in the unique form of the E in the new logotype. An interpretation of a Sigma—the mathematical symbol representing the sum of everything— it represents Zepp’s use of AI technology to give customers control and precise measurements of their whole health.​

Further expressing Zepp’s unique, always-on monitoring capabilities, the color palette uses a gradient of day-to-night colors inspired by the hues of twilight: cool blues and greens to reflect the calming experiences of rest and meditation, and bright golds and reds that burst with energy. The...


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Bill Darling and Aline Kim

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