Grand Mockup | Showreel

by Grandvity Visual Integration Co., Ltd.

Mockups are an essential part of a designer’s toolkit. These templates help designers make presentations more refined and help clients visualize design concepts. However, Grandvity recognizes that the majority of mockups are not flexible and that users are no longer limited to designers, but also commonly used amongst marketing assistants or specialists.

Therefore, we created the first original set of “Grand Mockup” in Taiwan. Grand Mockup consists of resolution as high as 8K, extreme flexibility and customization, common finishes (foiling, embossing, screenprint, bindings), and a tutorial video for beginners. With Grand Mockup, anyone is able to immediately use mockups.


Silver in Mix Media/Moving Image 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Noodle Wang

Design Company

Grandvity Visual Integration Co., Ltd.

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Design Team

Grand Mockup | Showreel


Individual Credits

Art Director: Noodle Wang
Executive Manager: Sarah Peng
Account Manager: Grape Chiu