Select New Mexico Logo and Packaging

by The Brand Chefs at Mighty Fudge Studios

Select New Mexico is a premier brand in the southwestern food category, known for it’s authenticity and hatch green chiles. When repackaging and reformulating their beloved enchiladas, The Brand Chefs were hired to redesign the logo and packaging to highlights their authentic roots while communicating the natural goodness of the product. By capitalizing on their recognizable teal color, the brand emphasizes their New Mexican heritage with a package that wins on shelf as well as delivering in the kitchen.


Bronze in Logos 2022

Bronze in Packaging Design 2022

Honorable Mention in Branding 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kimberly Mallek

Design Company

The Brand Chefs at Mighty Fudge Studios


505 Southwestern

Design Team

Kimberly Mallek, Art & Creative Director and Designer; Patrick Mallek, Illustrator & Production Artist


Individual Credits

Art & Creative Director, Designer: Kimberly Mallek
Illustrator & Production Artist: Patrick Mallek
Marketing Director: Kenny Leavitt