City of Matane

by Récréation

After almost 30 years with the same brand image, the City of Matane was ready for a major visual change. Now positioning itself as one of the most attractive cities in Eastern Quebec, it needed a new image that would help it stand out from neighbouring cities and solidify its new positioning. The new brand image was created around these ideas. From the choice of typefaces to the colours selected, the creation of a layout grid and identity textures (directly inspired by the city’s pebble beaches), everything was conceptualized so that the City of Matane would shine the way it should.


Gold in Logos 2022

Silver in Branding 2022

Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Catherine Lemieux

Design Company


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City of Matane

Design Team

Catherine Lemieux – Artistic Director Anne-Marie Roy – Project Manager Émilie Turcotte – Graphic Designer Catherine Blanchet – Communications Ad...

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Individual Credits

Artistic Director: Catherine Lemieux
Project Manager: Anne-Marie Roy
Graphic Designer: Émilie Turcotte