by Jung Joo Sohn

“ListSmart” is an intelligent shopping list application and service design. The primary features within ListSmart are smart item recommendations, budgeting capabilities, and a collaborative platform. The smart recommendations can be viewed from the home screen and when users are creating lists when inputting items. Users can also set budgets and keep track of their spending. With the "Budget Forecast" feature, a user's progress on their budgets is displayed through various weather conditions. A key aspect to ListSmart is the “List Marketplace”. This is a platform where users can upload lists for others to view and download. In addition to these features, ListSmart can be applied as a service to grocery stores to help enhance the shopping experience. With the implementation of ListSmart kiosks, users can access their lists at certain stores and can obtain store maps with their items' locations highlighted through NFC.


Silver in Apps 2022

Silver in Mobile App 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Jung Joo Sohn


Purdue University

Design Team

Jung Joo Sohn and Abhay Sunil

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Entrant Companies

Purdue University, US


Purdue University, US

Individual Credits

Lead Designer: Jung Joo Sohn
Designer: Abhay Sunil