PromoRepublic: Social selling app for global brands with a distributed work

by PromoRepublic Oy

PromoRepublic is a social selling app for global brands with a distributed workforces.

The steady rise of social media is giving us wings. As more than half of the world’s population is on social media in 2021, brands with a distributed workforces are among the first to keep up with the new marketing rules and strategies.

Our mission is to empower these brands for success on social media by arming their distributed workforces with robust yet easy-to-use technology. This technology can help companies reach even larger audiences while their representatives become skilled in social media marketing and building meaningful connections with customers online.

Our product experts have studied field challenges and users' day-to-day needs.

Their research included:
1. Customer development interviews to understand users and their concerns
2. Designing a North Star experience to validate their hypotheses
3. Product user-testing to streamline the experience

Indeed, it turns out being effective on social media isn’t an easy task, especially for older demographics. So the app is designed for both low-tech and unsavvy marketing users, keeping in mind their specific goal is to sell products and services with minimum effort. Users can automate their posting while staying on-brand for greater credibility and trust on social media.

This app is the one-stop source for all branded content, company news, training, and results.


Gold in Mobile App 2022

Silver in Digital Tools and Utilities 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Anastasiia Shkoldina

Design Company

PromoRepublic Oy

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PromoRepublic Oy

Design Team

Yaroslav Novykov


Individual Credits

Co-Founder and CEO: Max Pecherskyi
Co-Founder and CTO: Mike Baranovskyi
Product Manager for Enterprise: Roksolana Badun