Medina-Born Inspiration

by Blue Hat

Mada Carpets, a B2B carpet manufacturer in KSA, was looking to cater to the B2C market. Their products had spiritual significance and artisanal designs; however, their brand identity wasn’t consistent with that. In line with Mada Carpet’s re-positioning, the re-brand reflects the new values of: authenticity, craftsmanship, inspiration and creativity.
Brand Strategy & Identity:
For the visual identity, we designed a stylized logo, focusing on balance and refinement. We used modern typography to exhibit a high contrast between thick and thin, in both Arabic and Latin, while remaining legible for the international market.

Since it’s a local brand made in Medina, a holy city in KSA, the new identity was inspired by the city’s architecture. Inside the logo’s Arabic extended typography, sits a Saudi-inspired motif in the form of three flowers. The emerald green reflects the city’s most iconic mosque.
Brand Architecture:
To reflect the different price ranges & styles, we created 5 different collections where each was color coded differently and named after different iconic landmarks; Quba Collection, Rawdah Collection, among others.
Brand Touchpoints:
Saudi craftsmanship was translated across different touchpoints starting with the unboxing experience. We used different materials and styles that reflect the different collections: for affordable range the rugs will be packed in branded biodegradable bags, while high-end ranges are wrapped with sophistication using branded wrapping paper, gift box, and ribbons.
Further grounding the rebrand in all the touchpoints, we designed the return documents, USP cards, greeting cards, stickers, and stationary.
Launching in 2021, what set the repositioning of Mada Carpets from others is the meticulousness that went into creating a moment of delight for customers in a market where manufacturers’ operations are mainly B2B. The new brand architecture allowed them to cater for a variety of audiences with different tastes & purchasing powers.


Silver in Retailer 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Hayat Sheikh

Design Company

Blue Hat

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Individual Credits

Co-Founder | Managing Director: Sami Hmaidan
Co-Founder | Director of Innovation: Judy Maamari
Head of Design: Hayat Sheikh