Callic variable

by Rhode Island School of Design

Callic is a variable roman font family based on Cancilleresca broad pen calligraphy. The font family explored the translation of strokes of a calligraphy pen to a dynamic yet clearly readable text typeface, the foundation of Callic is the flow of its serif, which is transit from the inertia of calligraphic strokes. To reach the balance point between an elegant script typeface and readable text typeface is what Callic aimed for.

In order to design a useful typeface that satisfies multiple user needs, Callic is built with two controlling axes: weight and optical size. The weight axis ranges from 300-700, where 300 is set for default light, 400 is for default regular, and 700 is for default bold. The numbers in optical size indicate the suggested font size, in which the axis ranges from 6-36, and the number symbolizes the font size that users wish to set Callic; 6 is set for a default micro, 12 is set for a default regular, and 36 is set for a default display. By dragging the controlling point on both axes, users can customize the best fit for their work.


Silver in Typography 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Siyi Jin

University or Design School

Rhode Island School of Design

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