Mezcalista Miami Lounge

by QNY Creative

Lightstone Group came to QNY Creative to craft a compelling brand for a brand new restaurant space and Tequila Lounge in Miami. At the heart of the project was a Mexican influence distinctly imbued with tradition. QNY responded by assisting in the naming, design, and branding of the VIP experience behind the Mezcalista Tequila Lounge. With touches of references to ancient Mezcal-making traditions and Aztec aesthetics, the location has become a sanctuary for Tequila tasting. Everywhere, from its natural earthbound finishes, carvings, artifacts, and vibrant dark colors, the Mezcal Lounge indulges in the ancient flavors of Mexico. The logo’s serpentine curvature and flexible design is a reference to the iconic Aztec and Mayan snake that plays a significant role in ancient Mexican mythology. Snakes, according to legend, were sacred to the Aztec peoples, who venerated them, believing them to be the feathered serpent God Quetzalcoatl, the personification of the earth. The handmade lettering of the Mezcalista lounge evokes a similar devotion with its fine detailing and striking loops.

The color palette chosen echoes the Lounge’s warm interiors, bursting with terracotta, toasted brown, and ceramic-inspired hues that are inviting and cozy at the same time. The collateral espouses this ethos by providing the perfect backdrop for a revisitation of a tradition that spans thousands of years and tasteful notes.


Gold in Restaurants / Cafe 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Ezio Burani

Design Company

QNY Creative

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Moxy Miami South Beach Hotel / Lightstone Group

Design Team

Art Director: Ana Camero Project Management & Strategy: Anna Urban


Entrant Companies

QNY Creative, US


Lightstone Group, US
Moxy South Beach Hotel, US

Individual Credits

Creative Director: Ezio Burani
Art Director: Ana Camero
Project Management & Strategy: Anna Urban