by TamTam (part of Dept)

The corporate banking world is known to be conservative when it comes to innovative, forward-thinking design. So when B2B bank Kempen invited us to design and build their new website we rose to the challenge.

Starting point for the website was the new brand positioning that KesselsKramer helped Kempen develop. Based on that we started to use the term “haute finance boutique”. We wanted to blend that traditional, posh style with a feel of dedication, innovation, internationalism and some Dali style surrealism.


Gold in Website Design 2018

Silver in Digital Design 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Dionne van Dijk

Design Company

TamTam (part of Dept)


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Design Team

Barry Borsboom, Interaction Design & Dionne van Dijk, Visual Design

Video (direct link)

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Entrant Companies

TamTam (part of Dept), NL
Kessels Kramer, NL
Van Santen & Bolleurs, NL

Individual Credits

Account & Strategy: Jeroen Heydendael, TamTam
Front-end Developer: Matt van Voorst, TamTam (part of Dept)
IT Architect: Sander Voordes, TamTam (part of Dept)