Furniture depot Branding

by LongeBlack

When designing this brand, we were inspired by nature and the organic feel of the brand. We wanted the brand to be contemporary and organic yet luxurious. Trees and tree trunks were our main inspiration because of their organic and majestic nature.

The research behind this project was mainly researching the direct and indirect competitors to our client in the market. The challenge that we encountered was the fact that there are many competitors with very minimal gaps to fill in the market and therefore we had to create a brand persona that would be substantially different in order to stand out.

Our design research was mainly focused on the lines and patterns formed inside of a tree trunk in order to be able to come up with the brand logo. The design of the logo depicts the top view of a tree trunk cut in half with the letter “K” incorporated in it.


Silver in Branding 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Nour Nadim

Design Company


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Design Team

Nour Nadim, Zeina Talaat, Mohamed Salem, Sherif Emad.


Entrant Companies

LongeBlack, EG
Keviri, EG


Keviri, EG