Bristol Myers Squibb—Transforming Patients' Lives Through Science

by Siegel+Gale

Bristol Myers Squibb’s illustrations are clean, sophisticated, modern line drawings. Focused on simplicity, the images are precise, evoking the precision and rigor of science. The illustrations also mirror Bristol Myers Squibb’s humanity-centric care, as the images feature a diverse set of approachable patients, providers and scientists. 

The illustrations feature the brands’ primary color palette: purple, gray, and white—a deliberate departure from the blues used by many in the pharma sector. Purple purposefully highlights benefits offered by Bristol Myers Squibb and emphasizes a close connection among their patients, people, and science. 


Bronze in Illustration 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Rafael Medina

Design Company



Bristol Myers Squibb

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Individual Credits

Executive Director-Corporate Brand & Patient Engagement at Bristol-Myers Squibb: Lori Kaplan
Co-CEO & Creative Director at Siegel+Gale: Howard Belk
Design Director at Siegel+Gale: Nijel Taylor