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Rebranding Financial Technology
FYNXT is a global technology company empowering the digital future of financial institutions. Purpose-built for the financial space, FYNXT’s easy-to-use SaaS solutions streamline their customers’ business processes to accelerate their digital transformation, bringing every client engagement - spanning forex and multi-asset brokerage firms, wealth managers and ROBO advisors, global remittance providers as well as banks and insurance companies globally.

This rebranding highlights FYNXT's expertise as an experiential brand to effectively convey FYNXT as a forward-looking, next generation technology provider. We repositioned FYNXT to move towards being an experiential brand by emphasising on the experiential attributes of their technology to communicate an immersive and integrated experience that redefines financial technology for its customers.

FYNXT's refreshed brand identity presents a clean, modern, and professional look. The graphic style is a direct adaptation of the brand's logo to establish a strong connection between the logo and the brand identity. Crafted with purpose and meaning, the logo symbol can be deconstructed into individual parts representing FYNXT’s brand essence and values. The forward-facing arrow from the logo symbol can be used alone or built into a seamless pattern to be used across FYNXY's touchpoints, thereby maintaining strong brand recognition. Similarly, FYNXT's imagery adds a human touch to the brand in portraying the seamless integration of FYNXT’s product offerings with its customers’ businesses around the world.


Bronze in Technology 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kimming Yap (Lead Consultant)

Design Company


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Design Team

Shermin Ng, Audrey Heng, Orlie Suverza Baek, Celine Tuazon