Open Country Dairy Fixed Milk Price

by Apolinar

Since 2007, Open Country Dairy has grown to become New Zealand's largest independent dairy processor, and the world’s second largest global exporter of whole milk powder. Because dairy farmers are exposed to a highly volatile commodities market, fixing the price for a portion of their milk creates a previously unprecedented level of certainty for their business. After launching Open Country’s Farmer Supplier app in 2016, OCD saw an opportunity to create a new Fixed Milk Price application platform to provide fixed milk price offers quickly, in response to changes in the highly dynamic commodities market. This transformative app allowed farmers to make fixed price offers using mobile technology instead of emails, in real-time, and allowed certainty to happen right through the business value chain.

We conducted user research that discovered the actual needs of farmers and internal stakeholders. A Five-Day Co-Design Sprint with design-thinking workshops challenged the cross-functional team to imagine what the platform might look like. Our Five-Day Co-Design Sprint process is an extremely innovative and effective methodology, bringing farmer suppliers together with subject matter experts and critical decision makers. This allows for the crystallisation of the best possible solution, lightening-speed prototyping, and high fidelity end-user testing. Within five days a working prototype had been designed and built, including a dashboard, farmer offers, customer offers, market insights, and other comprehensive, functional tooling. The power of our process allowed for the successful optimisation of all the work streams that followed.

Following the Five-Day Co-Design sprint, in just 12 weeks we designed and built a minimum viable product and commenced user acceptance testing. The entire platform is custom designed and developed around the optimal Human Experience (HX) for farmer suppliers and internal users. We believe passionately in starting with the ideal HX for end-users, and then reverse engineering the enabling technology....


Silver in Digital Tools and Utilities 2022

Silver in Mobile Responsive Design 2022

Bronze in Apps 2022

Bronze in UX, Interface & Navigation 2022

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