Kraft Mac & Cheese - Help Yourself

by Johannes Leonardo

In today’s world, comfort has a negative stigma, and comfort food, like Kraft Mac and Cheese, bears the brunt of this negativity.

But the reality is that nothing is better for us than comfort. Comfort helps us recharge, find our balance and sustain our wellbeing. True comfort lifts us up, it doesn’t weigh us down.

Our new “Help Yourself” brand idea is a joyful invitation to make comfort a priority, by putting self-care and your own needs first.

By proudly embracing the things that make us feel good, we’re uplifted inside and out, spreading positivity to everyone around us.

We visualized the inner-feel-good-feeling you get when eating mac & cheese through illustrated ‘noodly’ characters inspired by the product itself.

Incorporating the angle of our refreshed noodle icon throughout our case of characters brought ownability, while an interchangeable range of expressions and looks brought versatility.

Kraft Mac & Cheese is a universal comfort food, hence our audience is the world. That’s why it’s so important to us that our Kraft Mac and Cheese lovers are represented and can identify themselves in all our messaging.

Embracing noodliness, we brought the characters to life in a series of looping gifs. Each expressing different ways to ‘help yourself’ while showing that uplifting comfort feeling.


Gold in Illustration 2022

Gold in Character Design 2022

Silver in Digital Ads and Campaigns 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Joseph Dasaro

Design Company

Johannes Leonardo

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Kraft Heinz - Kraft Mac & Cheese

Design Team

Joseph Dasaro and Helen Ratner

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Entrant Companies

Johannes Leonardo, US
Rezonate, US


Kraft Heinz - Kraft Mac & Cheese, US

Individual Credits

Johannes Leonardo - Founder: Jan Jacobs
Johannes Leonardo - Founder: Leo Premutico
Johannes Leonardo - Chief Creative Officer: Julia Neumann