UOMO, in-network socialization

by School of Visual Arts

Throughout life, you get to meet many people in many ways. However, how many out of those people can you really say they are your people?

Through social media, there have been fewer meetings with people with true bonds.
You may have a lot of people in your contact, but we want to make real connections.

With UOMO, one will be able to easily build reliable relationships from the field of mutuality.

UOMO is a socializing platform that allows people to safely a reliably expand their network by “in-networking”.


Gold in Interaction Design 2022, Student

Silver in Apps 2022, Student

Bronze in Digital Design 2022, Student

Bronze in Apps for Social Change 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Seungtaek Yoon, Heumyeon Park

University or Design School

School of Visual Arts

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