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At Purpose, we’re movement-builders and partners to brands, philanthropies, nonprofits, and coalitions from all walks. Throughout our work, time and time again our partners and teams ask themselves the same question: How can they authentically begin to “work on race” at such a critical point in U.S. history?

To begin to answer this question both with our partners and internally, Purpose built a virtual workbook with three racial equity frameworks that represent our approach to working on race in the U.S. The frameworks ask users to explore how they can uncover the systemic story behind an issue, create empowering content to uplift the movement, and turn abstract ideas into concrete actions. These prompts — far from exhaustive and informed by everything we learn from our network, team, and the movement around us — are a jumping-off point for fellow change-makers looking to align their goals with better racial outcomes in the United States and beyond.


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