by Jiawei Wu

This fragrance is titled after the French word "méandre", which means "curves of a river." The fragrance profile is based on the natural, woody notes to give users an experience and feeling that they are walking in the forest, thus only natural scents were selected as the ingredients. Méandre is based on the wild, woody notes that are used to infuse fragrance users the feeling of being in nature. The user will find themselves as if they are already in the dense forest, among the bushes. The packaging design created for the fragrance is meant to give the audience an alternate experience and feeling that they are walking in the forest with meandering footprints, leaving a mark wherever they step, implementing the concept of "natural".

Natural elements are also captured within the container bottle, including the characteristics of stone material and the signature woody fragrance. The cap is designed in a branch shape to represent the image of the natural shape of a branch bending. The colors all maintain a sense of natural elegance in other extensions of the packaging such as gift cards and scented paper.


Gold in Packaging Design 2022, Freelancer

Created by:


Jiawei Wu


méandre fragrance